How To Build A High Level Gym In Animal Crossing New Horizons - ACNH Best Room Design Ideas

2/6/2021 6:35:50 PM

Don't you dare to be lazy while you playing Animal Crossing New Horizons! We prepared an ultimate ACNH island design guide that shares ideas to build a high-level gym on your Animal Crossing New Horizons island. The Animal Crossing interior decor placed with Gray Vinyl Flooring presents a high-end look, gives us a neat and tidy version of this comfortable ACNH gym. Adds the all-rounded fitness equipment ACNH items such as Exercise Bike, Punching Bag, Exercise Ball,  Kettlebell, Barbell and more. In case running out of fitness items, you'd better prepare more equipment in the fitness studio. Meanwhile, a music player, air condition, fans, Water Cooler and Protein Shaker Bottle are available in this great Animal Crossing workout room.

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