Golden Sunset ACNH Summer Living Room Design - Best Animal Crossing Room Design Ideas

5/21/2021 7:18:03 PM

Summer is almost upon us, build a summer themed living room in Animal Crossing New Horizons to fit the summer vibe. This summer room design ideas inspired by the gorgeous sunset scenery in the July - August season. Beautiful flowy golden sprinkled on every corner of this ACNH summer design living room. ACNH furniture like Beaded-curtain Wall and Light Parquet Flooring brings a more retro feeling. Rock Guitar reminds us of the happy time making music with friends outside during summertime. The accessories stand carries our various earrings, necklace and rings that match clothes so that we can dress beautifully to hang out with besties. So do you like this sunset golden summer Animal Crossing living room? Let us build the best ACNH summer style living room to embrace the upcoming season.

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