Design an ACNH Physical Education Office & Sports Room with Gym Equipment & Fitness Items

6/18/2021 5:23:34 PM

Exercise can help you become healthier, but it needs a lot of effort. You can create a sports room or gym in ACNH, equipped with fitness Animal Crossing items. This one is more like a school sports room or physical edution office, as there is a Whiteboard standing there, and a Folding Chair next to it. A variety of gym equipment is in order in the room, including Exercise Bike, Punching Bag, Pull-up-bar Stand, Treadmill, Exercise Ball, Barbell, and Speed Bag. And the Stadiometer can be used to test the effect of fitness, Water Cooler, Fan and Outdoor Air Conditioner for solving the problem of thirst and heat, the Iron Shelf for putting some stuff.

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