Creative Sakura Homestay, Retro Restaurant, Pirate Bar Designs | Best ACNH Interior Room Ideas

10/18/2021 12:47:01 AM

Here we share you with 3 creative interior design ideas featuring a romantic Cherry Blossom Theme Hotel (Japanese Sakura Double Room), elegant Japanese retro style restaurant, and Dark Pirate Bar. If you are considering creating some interesting commercial and leisure places in your Animal Crossing New Horizons house, these ACNH room designs can definitely bring you different inspirations:

Cherry Blossom Theme Homestay - This unparalleled cherry blossom theme double room uses a series of Japanese style furniture and decorations (such as Cherry-Blossom-Trees Wall, Tatami Bed, Bamboo Speaker, Gong, Imperial Partition) to perfectly restore the Japanese homestay Romantic vibe.

Japanese Vintage Restaurant - This unparalleled Japanese restaurant is very harmonious and elegant, with an open kitchen combining classic and modern (Hearth, Wood-burning Stove and System Kitchen perfectly match), comfortable and concise dining, and a variety of classic Retro decoration (Hanging Terrarium).

Pirate Themed Bar -This creative Pirates of the Caribbean theme bar uses a series of pirate-themed furniture and dark decorations, and the combination of custom design wine racks and jail bars is admirable. The designer also showed his unique ideas in details, such as the Red Kilim-style Carpet and Life Ring on Pirate Flooring.

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