ACNH Halloween Date, Items, Furniture, Jack's Rewards, Candy & Lollipops - Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Event
8/17/2020 6:04:59 PM

What kind of special items, rewards and offers we can expect in the ACNH Halloween Event? In this guide, we tell you everything you need to know about the Animal Crossing Halloween event!

ACNH Halloween Event - Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween

Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Event 2020

As you know, to keep the game refresh, Animal Crossing always releases the new events into the game series according to the holidays in real-world such as New Year’s Day, International Museum Day, and Father's Day. Halloween is one the global festival, surely is getting a celebrating event in Animal Crossing New Horizons Fall Update, in which definitely new Halloween themed character, items, prizes will drop into the game. Now follow us to discover what new content we are going to get in the ACNH Halloween Event.

When Will ACNH Halloween Event Release?

  • ACNH Halloween Event Release Time: 5:00 PM on October 31st to 0:00 AM on November 1st 

  • Jack Star Appear Time: October 1st

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What New Content We Will Get During ACNH Halloween Event?

Similar to other festivals, during the Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween event, we surely are getting some interesting theme items, prizes from a new character, and more. 

Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Character - Jack

We can assume Jack will also play a significant role in the autumn update but Who Is Jack? Jack

is the self-proclaimed star or ruler of Halloween which you can probably tell given the fact his head is a giant pumpkin. Typically Jack appears a couple of times throughout the month of October for the Halloween event. Halloween as an event in Animal Crossing games always differs slightly but for the most part Jack hosts a kind of trick-or-treat style game that involves scaring villagers which are super fun and earning candy and lollipops which can then be redeemed for limited time seasonal items. 

ACNH Halloween Event - Jack

Jack's Halloween Hunt - Scare Your Villagers By Wearing Mask

Between October 1st and 10th, Halloween character Jack visits you and asks you to help him on the 31st of October by scaring the villagers. 

After you have agreed to serve him, the preparations for the Halloween festivities begin. He gives you the task of terrifying your residents. As recent as New Leaf Halloween saw a mixture of some villagers around town chasing you on site which is a bit freaky, while others staying at home who the player can scare by wearing specific Halloween masks that are available to buy with 1,031 ACNH Bells/Per one from the Able Sisters throughout the month:

ACNH Halloween Event - Masks

  • Bug Mask

  • Ghost Mask

  • Monster Mask

  • Mummy Mask

  • Skeleton Hood

  • Werewolf Hood

Anyway, when interacting with the villagers who stay at home, you have to try and scare them by wearing these specific Halloween masks. To prepare for the holiday and autumn season, update your island and yourself with some great ACNH Fall Designs & Halloween Costumes

How Is Halloween Event Going In Animal Crossing?

The Halloween season in Animal Crossing New Horizons started on October 1st, while the actual Halloween festival starts on October 31. by 17 clocks. On October 1st, Jack appears in the game and send mail to every player, then you can start to prepare something for the Halloween Night event.

Pumpkin Farming - Plant Pumpkin Starts & Harvest Pumpkins In Different Colors

During October, you'll be able to grow pumpkins, which can then be used to craft a variety of new furniture items. It's worth noting that there are four different New Horizons pumpkin variations. The four colours available are as follows:

  • Orange (common)

  • Yellow (uncommon)

  • White (uncommon)

  • Green (rare)

How To Grow and Get Pumpkins? 

  • From October 1, the Nook nephews will start stocking pumpkin starts in the cabinet in Nook's Cranny, retailing for 280 bells each. You can also buy them from Lief when he's visiting your island for 140 bells each - half the price of the Nook's Cranny offerings. 

  • Planting your pumpkin starts is the same as any flower or shrub. You can either stand over an empty ground spot or dig a hole first with your shovel. Then open your inventory and select pumpkin starts to plant. 

  • Once you've planted them, you'll need to water your pumpkins every day over the course of four days for them to reach maturity. If you water them every day, you'll guarantee yourself more pumpkins per start by the end of the four day period. 

Trade ACNH Spooky Set Furniture From Jack With Lollipop

With the arrival of October and Halloween, new furniture and DIY recipes are now available. Several possibilities to obtain all the Halloween pumpkin DIY recipes and furniture listed below.

  • Spooky Arch

  • Spooky Carriage

  • Spooky Candy Set

  • Spooky Chair

  • Spooky Lantern

  • Spooky Lantern Set

  • Spooky Scarecrow

  • Spooky Standing Lamp

  • Spooky Table

  • Spooky Tower

  • Spooky Table Setting

  • Spooky Fence

  • Spooky Wand

  • Spooky Garland

  • Spooky Flooring

  • Spooky Rug

  • Spooky Wall

ACNH Spooky Items - Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Items

How To Collect ACNH Spooky Furniture?

  • The Spooky Carriage is offered by Jack in exchange for a first lollipop during Halloween night on October 31, from 5 p.m. to midnight.

  • The Spooky Carriage DIY recipe is offered by Jack in exchange for a second lollipop during Halloween night on October 31, from 5 p.m. to midnight.

  • The Spooky wand DIY recipe is offered by Jack in exchange for a third lollipop during Halloween night on October 31, from 5 p.m. to midnight.

  • Almost all of the Spooky furniture except Spooky Wand, Spooky Carriage, Spooky Floor, and Spooky Wall are on random sale during the month of October in the Nook Store.

  • Halloween Spooky Set DIY recipes and furniture excluding Spooky Wand and Spooky Carriage are offered by the villagers in exchange for candies at random during Halloween night on October 31, from 5 p.m. to midnight (1 candy = 1 recipe or 1 piece of furniture). Check out more details on our guide about Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Spooky Items.

Get New ACNH Halloween Costumes

Throughout October, vendors will begin to sell Halloween-related items. For things like horns, witch hats, and imp wings, you’ll have to find them randomly at specific vendors.

  • Animal Nose - 560 Bells

  • Flashy Animal Costume (White, Black, Red, Orange, Green, Purple) - 1700 Bells

  • Flashy Point-Ear Animal Hat (White, Black, Red, Orange, Green, Purple) - 1120 Bells

  • Impish Horns (White, Black, Red, Orange, Green, Purple) - 800 Bells

  • Impish Wings (White, Black, Red, Orange, Green, Purple) - 1000 Bells

  • Horizontal-Striped Tights (White, Black, Red, Orange, Green, Purple) - 720 Bells

  • Mage's Boots (White, Black, Red, Orange, Green, Purple) - 1800 Bells

  • Mage's Dress (White, Black, Red, Orange, Green, Purple) - 2040 Bells

  • Mage's Striped Hat (White, Black, Red, Orange, Green, Purple) - 3440 Bells

  • Magic-Academy Hood (White, Black, Red, Orange, Green, Purple) - 1040 Bells

  • Magic-Academy Robe (White, Black, Red, Orange, Green, Purple) - 2040 Bells

  • Jack's Robe - Free

  • Jack's Face - Free

How To Get All New Halloween Clothes & Costumes?

1) Buy Halloween outfits and accessories from Able Sisters - During the month of October, the Able Sisters will be selling random Halloween outfits and accessories. You’ll have to try your luck every day until you get the exact pieces you want or you can trade around with your friends.

2) Buy Impish Wings from Kicks - Certain items, like the Impish Wings, can only be purchased from Kicks, so make sure you visit his stall whenever he's in town.

3) Get Jack's Costume - When you first give Jack a candy, he will give you Jack's dress. The second time around, he'll give you Jack's face.

ACNH Halloween Candy & Lollipops

Candy and lollipop not only will be used to play Jack’s Trick or Treat game but also can be used to redeem Halloween items from Jack.

How To Get Candy and Lollipops In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

  • 1. Buy Candy from Tom Nook's Store

Throughout October, you can either buy the candies from Tom Nook's Store or you can keep the candies that you get at Easter or Carnival. There are four types of candy, but Tom Nook's only sells orange. 

  • 2. Win Candy By Playing Halloween Minigames With Outside Village

If you refuse to give candy to the outside villager who chased you, you will play the below minigames. If you win, you will earn more candy, while if you lose, items in your inventory or even the clothing items, you're wearing can be replaced with trash items. 

  • 3. Get Lollipops From Scaring Villagers At Their Homes

You can also get candies and lollipops by scaring your neighbors who stayed at home. But one condition for this is that you have a suitable look! Outfit and headgear must match! (For example witch cloak and witch hat). Lollipops that you get from villagers if you scared them with the right mask, so you should get know who is scared of which mask, that you can get know from outdoor villagers by giving candy to them or you can easily to find out by checking out the below table:

The Right Mask To Wear & Scare Each Villiager For Lollipops
Animal TypeJockSmugLazyCrankyNormalPeppySnootyBig Sis
Teddy BearFranken

Win Candy By Playing Treat or Trick With Outside Villagers

When interacting with these villagers who chase you outside during Halloween events, you can either hand over candy when they catch you or risk being tricked by playing a mini-game. Since all the neighbors are dressed up and look like Jacob, there is only one way to distinguish him from your neighbors: Jacob is the only one who does not run after you! If you speak to Jack and give him a piece of candy, he will give you an item from the pumpkin series for it. If they catch you, you have 2 options in 3 results:

  • You give them a piece of candy - in return they tell you which resident is afraid of mask xy. But sometimes they are no longer exactly sure.

  • You get involved in one trick - The same games are played here as with the residents in their houses. If you win, they give you a piece of candy, if you lose, they play a trick on you (like Jack if he doesn't get anything from you).

  • - Your clothes will be transformed piece by piece into patch clothing (shirt, pants/skirt, shoes, hat, alternatively also a dress - not for sale, but do not appear in the catalog)

  • - Crumbling wall or crumbling floor are stored in the inventory (not for sale, but do not appear in the catalog)

  • - One of your items will be transformed into a box goblin (not for sale!)

  • - You get the pumpkin head (purple, red, yellow, green, orange) that the villagers wear himself (not for sale except for the orange one that you can only get from Jack)

Earn Candies and Lollipops By Scaring In-Home Villagers

You will find some of your villagers in their houses, and it is precisely these that are to be frightened. 

  • If you lost to scare the villager - They would not be scared but laugh at you, because that's what happens if you wear the wrong mask. And then you will have to play a minigame to win candy or get a trick on yourself.

  • If you scared the villager - If you've scared your chosen villager successfully, he'll give you a lollipop in the hope that you will leave his house quickly.

Halloween Minigames You Can Play To Win Candy

  • Charade: The villager asks you a question, sometimes exchanging words with emotions. You have to give the answer to this question and are given options.

  • Rock-paper-scissors - The classic game. Villagers choose randomly.

  • Made-ya-look - Look the same way as a villager using the D-pad and you will win. Again, random.

More Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Furniture / Clothing

In addition to the horror furniture range, there are many other things that you can get during the pranks. You should definitely have made the above-mentioned preparations.

ACNH Pumpkin Head

If the residents play tricks on you and you lose, the following things can happen. They turn your clothes into tattered clothes (one after the other: top, pants/skirt and shoes), put wallpaper and floor (crumbling wallpaper and crumbling floor) in your bag, transform an item into a box goblin (jack in a box) and put it on your head a pumpkin of the prankster's color. There are 5 pumpkin heads in total:

Animal Crossing New Horizons Halloween Event - Pumpkin Heads

You can get the normal orange pumpkin head from Jack. Important: Always before you speak to a resident, remove the old pumpkin head to get a new one.

ACNH Halloween Pumpkin Creepy Furniture

In addition, the Creepy Series of furniture is obtained from Jack at Halloween:

ACNH Halloween Event - Furniture

  • Pumpkin bed

  • Pumpkin dresser

  • Pumpkin lamp

  • Pumpkin shelf

  • Pumpkin cabinet

  • Pumpkin sofa

  • Pumpkin mirror

  • Pumpkin chair

  • Pumpkin style

  • Pumpkin watch

  • Pumpkin wall lamp

  • Pumpkin wallpaper

  • Pumpkin carpet

Tips & Tricks To Prepare For ACNH Halloween Event

  • Make sure you have 2 free spaces in your inventory.

  • Please do not wear your favorite clothes, because you will lose them (top, pants / skirt and shoes).

  • You are not allowed to wear a head covering outside

  • Put an item in your bag that you have no use for

  • Buy all 6 masks with bells

  • Buy candies (approx. 15 candies) with bells


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