ACNH Clip-In Glitch: How To Sit In Bathtub (Hot Spring) & Swim In River In Animal Crossing New Horizons?
5/13/2021 11:23:02 AM

Want to sit in bathtub (hot spring) or swim (walk) in river with your friends in Animal Crossing New Horizons? A new glitch just discovered by Youtuber Jasber which basically let you clip into things such as certain types of Animal Crossing items like the little bathtubs that you can get in the game and also it allows you to clip into the rivers as well, meaning you can walk through them freely and take all kinds of really cool photos. So here we will go over how you can do this glitch and how you can walk in the rivers with this new glitch in Animal Crossing New Horizons

ACNH Relex In Hot Spring - Animal Crossing New Horizons Glitch

ACNH New Glitch Allows Players Sit In Bathtub & Swim In River/Lacks

As always the Animal Crossing community never ceases to amaze continuously stretching the bounds of the game and just generally being super creative ever since launch players have been discovering unique ways to create rock gardens and even place bridges in areas you wouldn't think possible but the latest little trick players are using is beyond awesome. It seems in a few easy steps it's actually possible to get inside bathtubs/river/lake/pool and even sit down if you want to. Of course this doesn't really serve any practical purpose in the game but it's a super cool trick to show off to your friends and make for some incredible photo and screenshot opportunities. And this little trick doesn't affect the economy of the game or would change any value of any in-game items, and certainly doesn't affect anyone else's game in any way. 

How To Relax In Hot Spring In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Anyway in four simple steps you can sit down in your bathtub or swim in your river too if you want to:

Step 1. Cliff Edge

This little trick involves climbing up a cliff edge, so the first thing you're going to want to do is create a cliff with a rounded corner. This cliff corner is going to be pretty close to the bathtub so try to design it in a way you're happy with keeping. Essentially it is this very corner that we'll be using to get into the bathtub.

ACNH Sit In Bathtub Glitch - Step 1

Step 2 - Small Item

The next step is to place a small item on the top of the cliff, so you're going to want to climb up and place this item as close to the corner as the grid allows you to. Don't worry if you drop it in the wrong place, you can simply push it into the corner. Most players seem to use the unfinished puzzle item but any small flat items such as books or the magazines will work.

ACNH Sit In Bathtub Glitch - Step 2

Step 3 - Bathtub

Now it's time to select the bathtub you want to sit in for your next level photo opportunity, both the outdoor bath and the plastic pool work. And likely many more items, all you need to do is drop the bathtub next to the small item but keep it half a tile away, basically you need a tiny gap between the items.

ACNH Sit In Bathtub Glitch - Step 3

Step 4 - Climb In

This is probably the easiest trick to do because the final step is to climb in. Head down the cliff and whilst facing the corner you terraformed in step one, use the ladder to climb up, you should then be standing on the smaller item. Now all you need to do is run to the right to get into the bathtub, and just like that you're in. It may take a few tries but you'll get it in one or two goes. Once inside you can cheer sit down or use any other reaction you want and of course take an awesome screenshot to show off to your friends.

How To Swim In River/Lake In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

For swimming in river, you would do a little more works: 

Step 1 - Create A Cliff & River

The first thing you're going to want to do is create a big cliff. Then dig a river in the middle of the cliff and connect it with the surrounding rivers. Make sure to create a waterfall, otherwise you will have to use rescue services to get out of the river.

ACNH Sit & Swim In River Glicth - Step 1

Step 2 - Place Small Item

Then place a small item such as puzzles, books, etc. on the cliff 1 block from the river, or place small objects on the ground near the river below the cliff. Always make sure that small items are 1 block away from the river, otherwise you will not be able to jump into the river.

ACNH Sit & Swim In River Glicth - Step 2

Step 3 - Get Into The River 

Use the ladder to climb up to the cliff with the small item or jump to the ground with the small item, you should then be standing on the smaller item. Now all you need to do is run to the right to get into the river. Then you can sit or walk in river, even walk on water surface of the river!

ACNH Sit & Swim In River Glicth - Step 3

More Tips You Should Know About ACNH Clip Into Glitch

1. You can't plant things in the river or hot spring if you thought of the genius idea of planting trees or flowers or bushes or pumpkins or anything like that you simply can't do that. But you can however release bugs in there if you want to be really cruel.

2. If you press those buttons as you're glitching at a certain point it should let you drop into the water and once you're actually in there you can roam around freely, of course you can only go as far as the river will actually go. 

3. You can take a bath in the hot spring with your friends or explore the rivers of different island together online

4. You can not clip through the bridge over the river and can not go through the month of river to the ocean

5. If you want to escape, you are going to have to use the rescue services or if you're online you can just turn the game off, except you have a waterfall to reach.

Of course if you want this to be a permanent feature, you can decorate around the river and bathtubs or hot springs and use any number of items or trees to really make it a cool little area. As we mentioned you can do this trick with the outdoor bathtubs or plastic pool, but we are sure any of the larger items work too.


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