ACNH Harvest Festival Update Date, DIY Items, Rewards, Dishes, Ingredients | Animal Crossing New Horizons Thanksgiving Event
10/9/2020 4:12:37 PM

Harvest Festival, which corresponds to Thanksgiving, is the major event comes in Animal Crossing New Horizons November winter update, definitively it will bring a bulk of new seasonal items and activities such as Cooking DIY Recipes & Dishes, Harvest Festival Set Furniture, and more rewards from the cute turkey chef - Franklin.

ACNH Harvest Festival Update - Animal Crossing New Horizons Thanksgiving Day Event

Animal Crossing New Horizons Harvest Festival Update - ACNH Thanksgiving Day Event

In addition to Halloween, Harvest Festival is another big special event in Animal Crossing: New Horizons to celebrate Thanksgiving holiday. 

ACNH Thanksgiving Harvest Festival Update Release Date & Time

The Animal Crossing Harvest Festival Events takes place on the fourth Thursday in November, which happens to be the same day as the real-world Thanksgiving holiday, so: Animal Crossing New Horizons Thanksgiving Harvest Festival will happen on 26th November 2020 from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM (if the Harvest Festival takes place in similar date as the past Animal Crossing series). While in order to help players to save a little time to prepare for the Thanksgiving day event: ACNH Harvest Festival Update would be scheduled earlier than 26th November 2020. 

The exact date of the Harvest Festival has not been announced yet, but it is set to be included as a part of the ACNH winter update coming in late November, we will be updating the guide once it gets announced officially.

ACNH Harvest Festival Rewards & Items

Surely, similar to the Halloween event, Harvest Festival will bring a huge new content featuring new seasonal Animal Crossing items, rewards from new characters, and also we can expect the brand new Harvest theme DIY recipes for craft Thanksgiving style items could be added to Animal Crossing New Horizons. The below guide is based on the information from Animal Crossing New Leaf and the rumors from data miners, we will update the post once get any official information. 


What Is the Cornucopia In Animal Crossing: Cornucopia is a piece of furniture in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. You can use it to decorate your home or museum exhibit. 

How To Get Cornucopia In Animal Crossing: Obtain from Franklin as a reward by giving all the secret ingredients without error for his dishes.

ACNH Harvest Series Items

What Is the Harvest Series Items In Animal Crossing: This is a Harvest Set furniture and most pieces are designed on feathers and turkey feet, a reference to the Harvest Festival. Below is the full list of Animal Crossing Harvest Series Furniture:

  • Harvest Wall Lamp

  • Harvest Bureau

  • Harvest Clock

  • Harvest Sofa

  • Harvest Dresser

  • Harvest Chair

  • Harvest Bed

  • Harvest TV

  • Harvest Table

  • Harvest Mirror

  • Harvest Lamp

  • Harvest Rug

  • Harvest Wall

ACNH Harvest Festival - Animal Crossing Harvest Series Items

How To Get These Thanksgiving Harvest Items: You can collect all Harvest furniture from Franklin as a reward for completing his four dishes. 

ACNH Harvest Festival - Thanksgiving Event Activities

Surely, you will need to complete some quest to get Harvest Festival Items and Rewards in Animal Crossing New Horizons. We have not gotten any official information about the Harvest Festival, but we can make some predictions according to the events in the previous AC series. Keep reading to get to know how does the Harvest Festival event goes on in Animal Crossing. 

How Does The Harvest Festival Event Go On In Animal Crossing?

The Harvest Festival Process in ACNL: 

  • 1.Talk to Franklin and help him cook his dishes

  • 2. Gather the ingredients (fishes, fruits, seasonal items) and take them to Franklin

  • 3. Find secret ingredients by doing quests for the villagers and give to Franklin

  • 4. Villagers will stay in their house and cook and will request a different type of fishes from you

  • 5. Collect all the right ingredient and completing a salad, soup, main course, and dessert

  • 6. If you get all the secret ingredients correctly, Franklin will reward you with a cornucopia

1. Meet ACNH Harvest Festival Turkey Chef - Franklin

The harvest festival will be organized by Franklin the turkey who will prepare a festive meal and consists of helping him by collecting ingredients for his dishes which will be hidden in your village. You will have to collect fruits, mushrooms, and fish in total. The inhabitants will be able to help you by giving you milk, sugar, flour, etc. Each ingredient was given to Franklin will allow you to obtain a piece of furniture of his series.

When & Where To Meet Franklin?

You can meet Franklin in your town’s plaza from 3 pm-9 pm on the 4th Thursday in November (November 26th, 2020). Go talk to him so that he asks you to help him gather the ingredients needed to make the banquet.

Animal Crossing Harvest Festival Turkey Chef - Franklin

2. Start Harvesting From November 1st

From the beginning of November, you can start setting aside the mushrooms needed to make Franklin recipes. It will save you time on the big day. Mushrooms grow at the foot of trees and stumps: walk around your town and fill your basket! Also, think about planting fruit trees, and save your harvests for the big day. In Animal Crossing New Horizons, more vegetables such as potato, tomato, and wheat are rumored to be added for farming and harvesting, with which you would use for cooking by yourself with related Food DIY recipes.

3. Franklin's Dishes - Four Course Meals

In the square, our feathered cook will explain to you that he wants to prepare four dishes: a salad, a soup, a main course, and a dessert. For each dish, he will ask you to provide him with three ingredients as well as a secret ingredient. He won't tell you what these secret ingredients are, but if you get them, Franklin will give you a basket of fruit, a cornucopia, and two pieces of furniture from the Harvest set.

Franklin Cooking Recipes & Required Ingredients

Here is the list of possible recipes that Franklin may ask you to help him prepare. There are five for each dish (in parentheses: the secret ingredient).


  • Fish Salad: Horse Mackerel, Red Snapper, Vinegar (Lemon)

  • Fruit Salad: Apple, Orange, Vinegar (Beehive)

  • Mixed Salad: Apple, Horse Mackerel, Skinny Mushroom (Vinegar)

  • Mushroom Salad: Flat Mushroom, Round Mushroom, Vinegar (Apple)

  • Oyster Salad: Oyster, Seaweed, Vinegar (Lemon)


  • Soup de Poisson: Olive Flounder, Red Snapper, Sea Bass (Lemon)

  • Tom Yum Goong: Lobster, Skinny Mushroom, Vinegar (Coconut)

  • Mushroom Stew: Flat Mushroom, Milk, Round Mushroom (Butter)

  • Shellfish Cream Soup: Clam, Milk, Scallop (Butter)

  • Fruit Soup: Cherry, Milk, Peach (Lemon)

Main Courses

  • Barred Knifejaw Sauté: Barred Knifejaw, Butter, Round Mushroom (Lemon)

  • Dab Meunière: Dab, Skinny Mushroom, Flour (Vinegar)

  • Olive Flounder Meunière: Olive Flounder, Flat Mushroom, Flour (Vinegar)

  • Red Snapper Poele: Red Snapper, Skinny Mushroom, Flour (Lemon)

  • Sea Bass Sauté: Butter, Round Mushroom, Sea Bass (Lemon)


  • Apple Pie: Apple, Lemon, Flour (Beehive)

  • Banana Custard Pie: Banana, Lemon, Sugar (Beehive)

  • Cherry Pie: Cherry, Lemon, Flour (Beehive)

  • Coconut Cream Pie: Coconut, Lemon, Sugar (Beehive)

  • Full Fruit Pie: Butter, Orange, Pear (Lemon)

ACNH Franklin Dish Normal & Secret Ingredients

Here you will find the list of ingredients that Franklin may request from you. It is strongly recommended to start early enough in the month to gather as much as possible in order to have enough for each dish on the day of the Festival. Following each ingredient is indicated the maximum number you may need. Note that all fish and shellfish can be caught during this time of year. Some ingredients, on the other hand, can only be obtained on the day of the Festival by giving fish to your inhabitants who will be at their home cooking. 

List of All the Normal Ingredients You Need For Franklin Dish and How To Collect Them:

  • Apple (2): Shake fruit trees

  • Peach (1): Shake fruit trees

  • Pear (1): Shake fruit trees

  • Cherry (2): Shake fruit trees

  • Banana (1): Shake fruit trees

  • Coconut (2): Shake fruit trees

  • Lemon (12): Shake fruit trees

  • Orange (2): Shake fruit trees

  • Beehive (5): Shake fruit trees

  • Flat Mushroom (3): Find next to trees in November or tree stumps all year round

  • Round Mushroom(4): Find next to trees in November or next to tree stumps year round

  • Skinny Mushroom (4): Find next to trees in November or next to tree stumps year round

  • Barred Knifejaw (1): Fishing

  • Dab (1): Fishing

  • Horse Mackerel (2): Fishing

  • Olive Flounder (2): Fishing

  • Red Snapper (3): Fishing

  • Sea Bass (2): Fishing

  • Shellfish and Sea

  • Clam (1): Diving

  • Oyster (1): Diving

  • Scallop (1): Diving

  • Lobster (1): Diving

  • Seaweed (1): Diving

  • Milk (3): Give fish to villagers who are wearing chef uniforms in their houses

  • Butter (5): Give fish to villagers who are wearing chef uniforms in their houses

  • Sugar (2): Give fish to villagers who are wearing chef uniforms in their houses

  • Flour (5): Give fish to villagers who are wearing chef uniforms in their houses

  • Vinegar (8): Give fish to villagers who are wearing chef uniforms in their houses

Tips To Collect Ingredients: 

  • After receiving Franklin’s list of ingredients, go to your neighbors. You will find three or four of them at home also busy cooking. They will ask you to provide them with different fish. In return, they will give you the above ingredients, not found elsewhere.

  • If you want to recover for sure the ingredient that you cannot get yourself, contact the cooks had already in your inventory the other ingredients necessary for the recipe you are preparing! This will prevent you from accumulating lemons when you want vinegar.

4. Get Secret Inhabitant Hints From Villagers

Franklin asks if you have a secret ingredient to complete the dishes. In order to get a reward from him, you need to give him the right secret ingredient.

Listen carefully to what they will tell you at the end of the exchange because they will be precious clues to discover what are the secret ingredients. You may need to go back to them several times to gather the special ingredients needed or if you want to keep them.

5. Bring Right Ingredients To Franklin & Get Harvest Rewards

Once you have gathered the required ingredients, go join Franklin. Entrust him with the food to prepare the various dishes for the banquet. If you bring him the right secret ingredient once, you will get a basket of fruit as a reward for your efforts.  Otherwise, you will get a piece of furniture from the Harvest Set.

This guide is based on the information from ACNL, we do think most of these content will return in Animal Crossing New Horizons Harvest Festival, with new features added, such as the new vegetable farming & cooking. You can get more information about the upcoming ACNH November Update here.